Who or what is Icesis.ca? Why does it exist, you may ask? Well they’re all very good questions, and I’ll explain everything.

Icesis.ca is just a little site for myself. It is just a place to host files, share images, keep me busy, help my creativity flow, and a spot to have all the information about my Furcadian side.

We are hosted by Fused Networks, who has been wonderful (and very patient with my forgetfulness sometimes ;)) since I started using their services. I highly recommend them if you’re looking for a great reliable host, who is there to answer all your questions. Very honest company!

A lot of the art on this site is purely from the fantastic Kat Allen; Aka Kata. ;) She did the fabulous dragon on the main page, there! *points up!* All credit is given to the proper artists. Keep in mind, that I love art… Gift art is fantastic, but I also enjoy a good commission… If I had more faith in my art I may have even say art trades. ;)

So you’re still saying “your point is?”… and you’re right. There isn’t really a reason for it to exist, except that I want it to. Maybe you’re asking why the hell I would pay more for .ca opposed to .com… Truth is, I always wanted a .ca due to my strong love of my country, Canada ;D, but .com was also taken at the time. Maybe some day I’ll actually pay for .com as well! Haha!

So you want to know the deal about the title Icesis? Well, you should read up on Icesis’ character biography. In a nutshell, I loved the name because it was a play on the goddess Isis, and my best friend gave me the alternate character for the game Furcadia.